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I wanted an intimate 45th Birthday Celebration for my husband at home.  I wanted the ambiance of an upscale restaurant with fine decor and candlelight.  We live in Charleston with some of the finest dining experiences.  Pre-covid we frequent the downtown restaurants so I wanted to recapture that feeling at home.  NaPrell listened to my idea, she came in and created an amazing atmosphere that literally took my breath away.  Honestly, I can not think of one restaurant experience that compares.  My husband was so impressed he was rendered speechless.  Mission accomplished!  I will utilize NaPrell  Van Buren Events for all of my events in the future and recommend her to my friends.  NaPrell's creations are astounding. Enclosed are the before and after pictures of my dining room.


40th Birthday 9.JPG
40th Birthday 9.JPG

"Forever grateful for you and all of your creative juices.

What a Beautiful and Unforgettable Night"

40th Birthday 53.JPG

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